Sandbox Game 11 Coming to an End

The current sandbox game, the 11th, is coming to an end after 12 days in the running.

Main Station in SB Game 11The game has brought us such sights as The Groucho Marx Station, a big station which serves as a dropoff and pick up for an oil refinery, printing works and food processing plant. The dropoff station serves 230 trains while the pick up station serves 73 trains, a grand total of 303 trains, almost half the trains in the game. The station has been modified and improved countless times to become what it is today.

The Western Coast Mainline
This game was also the first trial of the bi-directional main line, a concept created by OwenS. The main purpose of the bi-directional mainline is to let trains overtake other trains, allowing every train on the main line to travel at its fastest speed.

An ICE-StationA distinct feature of this game was the inclusion of ICE trains on the same network as cargo trains, both passengers and freight are transported using the same lines.

In my opinion this was an excellent sandbox game with interesting ideas put into motion and a few headaches along the way but nonetheless, fun.

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