wwOTTDgd/2 finished

Today the world wide OpenTTD game day #2 finished. All in all it was quite a successful event. Starting in 1950, it ended in 2032 with nearly everything connected and over 1400 trains, 200 vehicles and 100 planes servicing the stations of the different companies.
Capital of Global Warming company with many stations
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Announcement: wwOTTDgd #2 on 12th July

Previous posts, both here and in the tt-forums or even the OpenTTD wiki already spread the rumour that there might happen a second world wide OpenTTD gaming day. Finally the vote for a date has been closed and the decision is quite clear: the majority of people prefer 12th July as the date for wwottdgd, server will be open for joining from approx. 7am UTC (9am CEST) onwards.

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Dev-Server: alpha test of wwottdgd patch

Quite some time passed since the last (and first) World wide OpenTTD game day was celebrated. As on most accounts it was a very nice and joyfull experience, we decided to make steps forward to a next experience of that kind: Up to 55 players playing on a single map in different companies with the possibility to share infrastructure for a price with other companies.

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Dev-Server: compete and charge others for using your tracks!

Today we started a new game on the openttdcoop.dev server. The patch tested is the track sharing patch currently under development by Gendemon (Forum thread).
UPDATE 3: we now use the updated version 0.3 with an additional “move player” possibility to allow easier swaping of companies. For downloads see below.

Please feel free to join, open your company or join an existing one (don’t use individual company pw here. Server has maybe pw ‘coop’ or no pw) and extensively test this feature. Besides being a really nice feature for the usual multiplayer games, giving them a completely new dimension, this patch is, if tested successfully, also a nice, big step forward to maybe a next incarnation of the next wwottdgd (World wide OTTD gaming day) with much more than just 10 clients connected – a real co-opetition event :).

So far available: r13031IS.diff, linux binary (32bit), OS-X (intel) binary and Win binary

Resumé of the first WWOTTDGD

Yesterday the first ‘World Wide OpenTTD Game Day’ took place. In the last weeks a lot of persons (especially dihedral, Ammler, Phazorx, TrueBrain) did an immense work to prepare a really special version of OpenTTD which can cope with the needs for such a day. This custom build includes:

  • A server side patch for 55 players, but eight companies though
  • Shared Tracks and stations with the first company
  • An admin patch to move players to a company
  • Joining players always start as spectators
  • Eyecandy: snow in temperate climate
  • #openttdcoop grf package v6beta to provide variety for stations etc.
  • Changed prices (very expensive) for landscaping, tunnels and bridges
  • A lot of technical fixes, i.e. removed trees to reduce the file size of the map.
  • Toll booth GRF to show the different area’s of the map

The source and binaries are provided by the official OpenTTD-Developers. Or if you are keen with unix and svn:
svn revert -R . && svn update -r11344 && ./configure –revision=r11344-wwottdgd && ( curl http://mozart.ammler.ch/wwottdgd/patches/wwottdgd_in_v6.diff | patch -p0 ) && make

Those specs sound really auspicious and in my opinion the day was a success, worth to repeat it soon.
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