Optimization of Logic – Logic Gates [Part II]

Almost half a year ago I blogged about Logic Gates and already the headline promised that this story is not over yet. Now, I was finally able to concentrate my thoughts about logic gates again and was able to optimize the gates again. As I pointed out earlier the reaction time is too long and […]

The insane LED Counter & Logic Gates [Part 1]

While browsing tt-forums I stumbled upon a LED Counter created in an OpenTTD game. This is an amazing work because you require a basic knowledge about electronics as well as about OpenTTD and signaling. This work inspired me and I planned to do some other constructions. Of course this counter is a complex electronic circuit […]

BRIX 0.0.2 is here!

Hello dear humans and inhabitants of slug planet, today I have great news to share with you as I have finished work on my graphics replacement NewGRF – BRIX version 0.0.2 . As BRIX 0.0.1 article was quite short due to being released in a rush, this one is going to go into a lot […]

BRIX 0.0.1 & NUTS 0.7.9 released

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, it has been a while since I wrote anything in here, and what better time could there be than on April fool’s? As many of you might remember, it’s not just the 1st April, it is NUTS birthday. It has been five years since I released NUTS 0.0.1 and many things […]

New member: Hazzard

Hell000 and Merry Christmas! We are happy to announce that our inner circles have gained yet another person, Hazzard! Being around for a long while, most of you probably know him, but if you don’t, Hazzard is a great builder and person. His logic mechanisms and other construction put your brains in greater hazard when […]