Fail-Safe Joiners, Priorities and the Cyclotron example

Some days ago I stumbled upon openttd wikis page about Railyway Designs and I saw the Cyclotron created by Pitt2. Those high speed injectors are not too new and we experimented with them a lot. Though we don’t use them in most cases, because they are difficult to build, depending on the properties of trains […]

My OpenTTD Story

Hello, this time I am not going to write an article which would attempt to describe some part of building, or any other kind of documentation helpful for learning directly. Through the time of me being around, it happened quite a few times that I was asked questions about things from the past, about history […]

Orderless Multi Cargo SRNW – My first article!

Introduction After PZ Game 19 – some community members decided to play a Self Regulating Network (SRNW) game. However, the idea behind this game was challenging and rather different than the SRNW games we have seen on the public server. Because this game was, unfortunately, never finished it will not go to the archives. Because […]

Advanced Building Revue 08: Overflows II

It is quite a long time since the first article on overflows got introduced. As time passed by, I developed this topic towards the form of overflows we use now and I may mention something we haven’t used yet ;). This article is going to be about yet more overflows, this time much more advanced […]

Advanced Building Revue 07: Stations

Building stations is one of the most essential things in OpenTTD. To build a station doesn’t require any experience (besides knowing which button to press), although construction of a station that works perfectly requires some deeper and in under-rated amount of knowledge. The point of this article isn’t in showing all possibilities how to make […]