Orderless Multi Cargo SRNW – My first article!

Introduction After PZ Game 19 – some community members decided to play a Self Regulating Network (SRNW) game. However, the idea behind this game was challenging and rather different than the SRNW games we have seen on the public server. Because this game was, unfortunately, never finished it will not go to the archives. Because […]

A different SRNW SL concept.

A new SRNW concept for SL building, without dummies or badly reached stations.

SRNW with subnetworks

SRNW may be nice to a certain capacity but once productions get high you’ll find that the networks become very hard to manage. In this article I’ll introduce a new type of SRNW; Selfregulating terminals fed by selfregulating subnetworks, this approach completely renders the dummy trains obsolete and makes it much easier to deal with […]

Asynchronous SRNW stations

In PSG 149 we went with an exclusive SRNW (Self-Regulating NetWork) construction. This technique is a bit strange at first, but has some pretty clever ideas and possibilities. Building a single platform SRNW stations isn’t all that difficult when you get the hang of it. But when it comes to multi-platform stations for high-capacity industries, […]

The magic of SRNW (Self-Regulating Networks)

As you might have seen a guide about self-regulating SBahn was recently added to our Wiki. As #openttdcoop thinks large, we took it a step further and created a complete Self-Regulating Network (SRNW) in our current PublicServerGame (#121). You should definitely check the guide first, to get a better idea of what this article is […]