It is exactly one year since NUTS Unrealistic Train Set has been released and I am here again to ask you one question, and one question only:


Come join us on our servers to celebrate!


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  1. Hexagonalbolts April 27, 2013 18:23

    Hola from Peru!

    The NUTS train set looks very interesting to me, but I’m afraid I’m not as experienced as you OpenTTDcoop players so the purpose of the different train types isn’t immediately obvious to me. I was wondering if I could have some help from one of you guys. Could someone give me a few scenarios that different train types might be useful? For example, when would you choose to use a “strong” train? On a very short track with lots of hills and tight corners, or…? (Maybe this would be a good thing to put on the NUTS wiki?).


  2. V453000 April 27, 2013 23:45

    Hello, thanks for your input … it is a bit hard to put absolutely everything on the wiki, I prefer to have a general overview there as some of the logic each player just has to discover by himself 🙂 But to asnwer your question, strong trains are probably the highest throughput option for any “standard” network as their high capacity due to not needing many engines, superior acceleration, and solid wagon capaciy makes up for the speed quite considerably. They obviously do sort of benefit from hills as they do not really care about them, but their acceleration alone is able to fill the lines so well that they are always a valid option.

    It also depends on what kind of map do you play. If it is Rough and ~hilly, then it quickly becomes a lot more obvious that they are useful in compare to like smooth-flat maps.

    If you are unsure/newer player, medium class is always great, and in general strong trains never hurt anything either as good acceleration is a huge factor for a fluent network – in fact with great acceleration it is ~easier to get your network not only work properly, but also discover errors and mistakes in your constructions as higher density of trains is more sensitive to details (which is good if you want to learn as you definitely want to detect the issues)

    The rest should somewhat be on the NUTS wiki, but in general if you are a newer player, just try various trains and you will realize which one is good for what later. The differences are (usually) rather small and based on details of the network.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Mazur May 23, 2013 15:48

    I’ve got one word for you, V: Yes.

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