ProZone open to public

Dear fellow cooperators,
we would like to proudly present to you our newest move, making ProZone the home of Finalizing and later stages of Public Server games.

In most of latest games, complexity of constructions reach brainmelting levels very early for newcomers on the Public Server.
This generally means that people have difficulty identifying what to do and learning in the hard environment.
To combat this problem, we have decided games are going to run like following:

1. a Public Server game is started, planning and voting takes place, building continues until members consider appropriate.

2. game is archived into Public Server archive like always

3. final save is loaded on the ProZone. Not every game has to be continued on the PZ, according to general agreement.
With this, we would like to invite everyone who wants to furtherly contribute to the game to the ProZone, it is now open to the wide public.
The ProZone runs the same way as the Public Server, but with a separate irc channel
For more information see the wiki page about ProZone.

4. game is finally archived into ProZone archives, adding links to both archives between the respective games.

Generally this is just a revival of the concept we used a long time ago a few times already when a game got finished/re-finished on the PZ. At the same time, you can expect special PZ games – similar games to the ones which took place there now.
The main thing for you is that you can enjoy a lot simpler games on the Public Server while having the ProZone for brainmelt, also opening the PZ to the general public.
We hope that these changes bring more fun to everyone.

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  1. codertux May 5, 2013 23:39

    That’s a great move. Whenever I dropped by #openttdcoop the game in progress was so far ahead of my skill level there wasn’t much I could do there. Hope I’ll catch some new games soon 😉

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