Titlegame competition – now voting!

It has become a bit of a tradion for OpenTTD that each major new stable release gets a new titlegame. This titlegame basically forms the background you see when you start the game. For the past two years there have been competitions where players submit their own games  and by way of voting a new titlegame is chosen. This year was no different and now the first round of voting has begun.

In total there have been twenty-one entries, all of which can be viewed in different resolutions here. Among these entries are three made by members of our community, Mark, Sylf and myself. There is also an entry from the winner of the 1.0 competition, sc79. It seems that the winner of last year, romazoon, has not entered.

Most information about this year’s competition can be found on the tt-forums. Details on the how to vote in this round can be found in this post. This round of voting will end on the 29th of february, so you have one week to make your  mind up!

Now I’m not making any suggestions for voting, but the more total votes the merrier. Whether you like it quiet or busy, structured or chaotic, filled with trains, planes, busses or boats, from what I’ve seen there is a titlegame for everyone. Now get going!

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