Good bye and good luck

Well I guess this is good bye.

From my first game with openttdcoop I have had great fun playing with some of the best players the you can find. These players have always been and I hope will always be helpful, inspiring and inventive. They helped me improve and develop my building skills to a point that I would never thought possible when I first joined a game. With openttdcoop I helped create and then break records, but for now I feel that I do not have enough time in my life to play openttdcoop.

In the beginning

When I first joined openttdcoop I know I was probably one of the biggest pains ever to grace their presence in the openttdcoop server. Over my time in the community I changed my role from annoying person who couldn’t build. To a very good player and builder, but in all my time here I seemed to cause more arguments then I solved. This is why I never managed to make it into the inner circles of openttdcoop.

Building the community

After my first few games I was credited as being a good builder, and as my games progressed my building skills surpassed those who have been playing for much longer than I was. Although I was a slow starter my first building credit was PSG 100, and now over 100 games later I am leaving you. In my time here I have built networks that have smashed records. These include world population and train numbers. Along the way I have made many new friends who I will miss, and I have also upset alot of people and players, for that I am sorry.

The Ban

After months of breaking the rules and abusing the members I was finally banned for good reason. For this I do thank the members of the time, as this was a very low point of my life. After a few months away and a lot of help from friends and family I managed to overcome many of my problems. At this point I approached Ammler, someone who I have always liked, and asked if I was welcome back into the community on the condition that I didn’t repeat my past behaviour. PSG 200 is the next big date, this was my first game back. Yes my first game back was possibly the best game that has ever been played on openttdcoop.

The Turning Point

Since my return I have once again been able to build some amazing networks. I have met many new people who I would think of as my friends now. Now 15 games have passed since I last left you and I feel that I do not have the time I would like to put into the game. I also think that my relationship with some members of the community has now got to the point that it is creating bad games and a bad environment for other people to play in. I wish you all the best for the future and I hope that I can come back at PSG 300 and still see a vast and viberant community that would be happy to welcome me back.


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  1. Vinnie September 28, 2011 18:45

    I forgot this to say on the PS today because i was a little busy. Goodbye CB it has been fun on both the stable and the PS. I hope to see you again ingame.

  2. iklucas September 28, 2011 20:43

    🙁 Good luck with your job and life CB

    Thank you for the conversations we had, the things you learned me, the fun you brought in, the 2cond oppinion always beeing available.

    Really, thank you for everything! and good luck with your life!

    Cya mate (wil miss you)

  3. Timmaexx October 15, 2011 21:54

    Dear Chris,

    i haven’t played much in the last weeks, but now I have to read, that you left the playing community. You’ve got your reasons. I am a bit sad, because you were one of those, who teached me how to create priorities and really good junctions. (The other members of OTTDC helped me also, thanks alot!, but CB did the main part)

    Even if I never met you really, I can say that I liked the conversations with you. It would be nice to meet you online again some time(maybe around PSG 300)!


  4. MrD2DG October 19, 2011 14:33

    I know I’m late but, WTH CB you’re leaving :/

    Ugh OTTD should just be about the building, and none of the other shizz.

    Sad to see a great builder go, gonna be missed…

  5. planetmaker October 19, 2011 14:37

    Hm… I missed this entry as well… I know we’ve been cross at times, but alas. Shit happens. Sad to see you leave for good. Enjoy whatever you’ll be doing.

  6. Chris Booth October 20, 2011 12:21

    Hi guys, thanks for the understanding comments.

    I never wented this article to be a rant, but just a good bye gift from me to you.

    I am glad that this time I leave you all on good terms, and not with any bad feelings.

    I am sure in the near future I will once again have the time to play the game that I loved, with the people that I liked.

    But for now I leave you will the memories of myself, and the creations we have made together!

    Chris Booth

  7. Troy McClure November 4, 2011 15:14

    Hey Chris,

    I’ve been busy the last couple of months as well, so I havent been here, nor on any of the servers. As for iklucas and Timmaexx, the same goes for me as well. I still consider myself a poor builder compared to some others, but what I’ve been able to learn, the coop way of building, I have you to thank for. I always enjoyed building with you. The remarks here show that you will be missed -by most in a positive sense-. I hope to see you on the server once. But untill that time: good luck.

    /Troy McClure

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