Bon Voyage, Mark

So last night, Mark bid #openttdcoop a fond au-revoir as he sets of on his planned 2 year excursion globe-trotting.

<Mark> riiiiiiiiight that’s it :)
<Mark> i’m off, for a couple of years
<Mark> so, thanks for the great time folks
<Mark> hope to see you all again when i get back in a few years
<Mark> if everything goes according to plan i’ll be gone for two years
<Mark> first in australia for a year, then 6 months new zealand, then to indonesia or china
<Mark> at least that’s the plan

We all wish Mark the best of luck around the world, with any luck, he’ll be back from time to time to report in.

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  1. Osai January 21, 2010 17:10

    Bye bye, Mark! Have a nice trip and take care!

  2. Mucht January 22, 2010 20:11

    Hey Mark – wish you all the best for the trip! I hope we will see you around again in two years šŸ˜‰


  3. planetmaker January 25, 2010 15:24

    I hope you’ll be back afterwards šŸ™‚ For now: have an awesome time and all the best, enjoy!

  4. tneo January 27, 2010 21:50

    Mark gone? Oh nooooo’s….

    Have a great time overseas and enjoy the experience.
    Hope to see you back. šŸ™‚

  5. ODM February 5, 2010 12:01

    Have a good trip! Hope you’ll let us know how you are sometime. And ofcourse tht you’ll be back to win some more plan votes:)

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