New member for #openttdcoop: ^Spike^

Once again we welcome, albeit a little late due to technical difficulties, a new member in our ranks: ^Spike^.
new member

He’s been with us for a while now, showing solid building mixed with creative solutions. Out of the game he is a cheerful, social guy with an interest in Computer Science, proving useful on both the technical, as well as the human side of things. During his lengthy visits he can also be found helping people in-game, as well as on IRC. ^Spike^, we welcome you to the group and hope you’ll be a nice addition to #openttdcoop.

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  1. Osai September 2, 2009 22:55

    Congratz 🙂

  2. KenjiE20 September 6, 2009 14:03

    /me hands the ‘new kid’ banner to Spike 😀

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