New versions of OpenGFX and OpenSFX

Hello folks,

as of today a new version of the free graphics base set OpenGFX (0.1.0-alpha6) and a first version of the free sound base set OpenSFX (0.1.0-alpha1) have been released and are available from bananas or the #openttdcoop devzone.
tropical OpenGFX scene

OpenGFX made quite some progress and allows now playing of all three “usual” climates without black boxes. Toyland made also quite a bit progress, but still is in need of a range of industry and house sprites. Also the African manager faces still need drawing. Contributions are highly welcome! Many thanks to all the artists and coders who contributed big or small and made the current state of this project possible! For a full list of contributors see the readme and for a list of changes since the last version see the changelog.

As of r17139 OpenTTD also supports different sound sets and Rubidium, the OpenTTD lead developer started the OpenSFX sound project on our devzone which already has free replacements for about 40% of the sounds. Contributions of free(!) sounds are also here highly welcome.

Visit us on the DevZone for details or on IRC. And to give you a last impression how my game settings look like:


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  1. Petert August 26, 2009 00:58

    The first picture would be really great as an Intro Scene.

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