Checking the archive & userpages

As you all probably know, we keep a record of all our Publicserver games. In these records we keep a final save of the game, the standard data like map size and gametype, an overview of proceedings and of course a list of the people who played. However, lately these lists have been imcomplete, and I’m calling on all our players to change this.

Within a short time after the end of a game an archive entry will be created. Although the entry creator should add a few names he knows to the list as a start, being on the list should be the responsibility of the player involved..
I strongly advise everyone that, when you discover a new game has started, you check the archive that your name is on the list of last game (if you played) and is correctly spelled. If you use the given template to add your name it will automagically link to your userpage. Oh, you don’t have a userpage?


We expect all our players to have a userpage, at least after you have finished a game and need to add your name to the archive. On this userpage you can tell us a little bit about yourself, your origin, your strengths and weaknesses, anything you like really. Not only does it show a bit of your dedication to this community, it gives us a little insight in our players.
Getting a userpage is easy:

  • Log in to the wiki. If you do not have an account, you can register here.
  • Go to where nickname is your own nick. You can also find this page on the topright menubar in the wiki, under your own name, if you are logged in.
  • Edit that page with whatever you’d want inthere. Don’t forget to preview, then save.
  • Add yourself to the userlist or ask a member to do it for you.

If there’s any questions you might have, or you need help setting it up, you can always ask a member on IRC.
Now get going and help us out!

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