Now testing: infrastructure sharing patch beta2

Hello folks,

as of today the beta2 of the infrastructure sharing patch is released. As we’re eager to test it ourselves, we invite you all to join in on our development server and test it extensively in all its facettes. Try your best to make your client or even the server crash 🙂 Also, of course, suggestions on the general improvement and on the fine tune of parameters is very much welcome.
Truebrain was so kind to help us out with the compile farm and supply us with binaries for all officially supported systems of OpenTTD. The latest binaries will be available from approx. 16h UT on from our server at (check out this directory for the latest release – version beta2 is “IS2.0-beta2” or 08d2033e53e1). Or join us on IRC at and type !download. Grab the one which matches your OS and enjoy the play either on our dev server or where ever you like :).

EDIT: if you cannot find a matching server automatically, enter it manually. The server is

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