PSG 138 Review & new game

Publicserver game #138 finished yesterday and #139 is in the planning phase. Time to look back on what the community built this time.

The played scenario consists of four large and a number of small islands in a temperate setting, giving it a japan-like feel. The map was very stretched with lots of water inbetween the islands, so any plan had to overcome the water and the length problems. The loaded DBset XL grf prompted Planetmakers’s ICE + S-Bahn PAX plan, which was chosen by a majority.

The network

The main axle across the map is an LLL_RRR electric rail mainline, running TL8 ICE3s. These connected the four main terminals, one on every large island. Passengers were brought to these terminals locally by a number of S-Bahns and buses. This lead to another four seperate networks, 3 of which are TL6 S-Bahn and the other is a TL7 SRNW S-Bahn, trademark of Mark. Although unplanned, a TL64 Maglev train was built, running straight from the most northern to the most southern terminal, carrying a whopping 15.360 passengers in one go.

Mark's northern ICE terminal

In the end there were 573 trains running smoothly on the network, transporting around 210.000 passengers each month. More than 300 bridges connected the islands togethers, allowing the large amount of ICE trains to cross the big gaps of water. When the game neared completion, some people started growing towns. This lead to 6 towns having more than 40.000 inhabitants and one (non City) town even made it to 130.000.


The new game on the Publicserver takes its inspiration from Germany. The map is a 512×512 temperate square, featuring a coastline and two major rivers. Loaded GRFs are the German town names and german road vehicles, accompanied by a more international AV8 airplane pack and the 2CC trainset. The game is currently in planning phase, so why not hop on and make a plan or vote, and help us build it afterwards.

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