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After more than ~127 hours of playing (that’s equivalent to ~5,3 days) we started a new game (#83) at our Public Server using OpenTTD Nightly Build r12168. The Settings are: 512×512, temperate landscape and DBSetXL.
Enjoy playing.

Michi_cc released Version 4.1 of YAPP, an urgent reason to update 🙂 We are using r12168M now.
Enjoy playing.


  • Trains will no longer crash on their own, barring any programming bugs. Instead, a train can now get stuck if it just can’t reserve a path. You may need to manually resolve the problem then. Note: Pressing force proceed or removing signals can still lead to crashes just as it can in plain OpenTTD.
  • Lost trains do not pose a problem anymore.
  • Improved depot finding for servicing.
  • Stations and waypoints are now only considered safe waiting positions if they are at the end-of-line as well. A train will reserve a path through a through station according to the next orders to a safe signal, depot or line end.
  • Mixing normal and PBS signals will not lead to crashes anymore, but might generate stuck trains.
  • Path highlighting is now an official patch settings under ‘Interface’.
  • The build signal tool will now not cycle through two-sided PBS signals anymore, as I still wasn’t able to find a use for them.
  • Level crossings are now barred uppon path reservation.
  • Implemented newgrf variable 0x44 for rail stations.
  • Tweak various pathfinder penalties.
  • V4.1 with fixed autosignal tool.

More details and the patch file can be found at the related forum posting

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  1. Mikael February 18, 2008 18:49

    Any chance of you providing a win32 binary for r12168M, as you did with the last version, please?

  2. Ammler February 22, 2008 12:11
  3. Mikael February 23, 2008 13:19

    Nice – thanks!

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