Two and a half years of #openttdcoop

Yes, it’s-a-me, Mucht. Again.

After having noticed being way to idle here on the blog, I decided to share some thoughts about Osai’s blogpost about the 20.000th pagehit on our Wiki.

After half a year of existance on IRC, we decided to port our early webpage to a wiki. I wrote almost every part of our early webpage by myself and it was pretty clear that a dynamic community needs a wiki-system in order to motivate every member to post their ideas and thoughts. Still, the wiki is our most precious part of #openttdcoop right behind our game servers and IRC. Again, we have to thank our host Brianetta for all his support and confidence he brought into our community the past two years. His “autopilot”, the bridge between IRC and the OpenTTD-ingame-chat (and vice versa) increases the communication and became a key-feature in our community.

Nowadays its a great deal for ambitious OpenTTD players to join #openttdcoop: everyone is encouraged to post his ideas on a dedicated wiki-page. Important features or constructions as well as personal thoughts have their auditors here on the blog. The IRC channel is a place to meet skilled players and finally the servers are attractive due to the usage of bleeding-edge nightlies and well-chosen newGRF-sets.

I’ll start to prepare myself for the 5th anniversary now.

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