Progress on Public Server Game #40

Public Server Game #40 Network OverviewGood Evening (and of course also good morning) Community,
we have a hard time at the Public Server right now. The current game is very difficult, the network plan is even for me, well, -insane-. But I don’t care, and you shouldn’t either. The really difficult parts of the network are done, especially the Backbone Hubs. Only the stations of Town D are missing (the red area on the overview). In my opinion there is no reason to be scared anymore. Just join and be impressed.

3-Way BBH (LLL_RRR)Another thingy. This is Public Server Game #40. Not a jubilee, but still something special. Actually, the game is already 71 hours of work of at least 2 persons (probably more). And I really like to see this one BIG. I am not sure whether 500 trains are a problem or if they are lost in this huge network.
We should bring this network to its limit, but as you know, we can’t do it on Brianettas Server. It would be great if someone can host this game, running with 1000+ trains, you need a lot of CPU power and also a fast internet connection.
If you can provide that, write a comment, or contact as at IRC, or write an email to openttdcoop[at]

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  1. Phazorx June 24, 2007 15:28

    here is most recent save for the game i have, 864 trains

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