Superbuses, or other vehicles, are transporting cargo over a very long distance in a very short time. You can make huge profit when you use superbuses.

An example: Theoretically, the busses are transporting passengers from Honningville Lakeside to Quardham Lakeside. But in practice the buses are driving around in Muntfingfield. The stations are started at the corners of the map and they have been enlarged. The stations are now in Muntfingfield near to each other, so the buses are driving from the one corner of the map to the other corner in a very short time. And the busses create huge profit now.

So the busses are driving between the two corners of the map.

But in practice this happens:

The busses are driving a very short distance. Wich creates big profit. All buses riding there make 68.000€ profit when they transport 70 passengers.

I made a supertrain who is transporting coal between the two corners of a 2048 x 2048 map. It is probably the hugest profit you can have with a vehicle.

70 Million € is not bad :P

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  1. Brianetta August 18, 2006 17:27

    Don’t try this at home, folks! It does require a very large value for station spread.

  2. Osai August 19, 2006 00:01

    Actually, the stationspread isnt important?! IIRC this works when you do a station-walk through the map!?!?

  3. Jinx August 19, 2006 11:54

    this was done on the sandbox and station spread there doesn’t have a huge value.
    This isnt like the walking for catchment, you just remove the old parts, yet the name stays at the starting point, and apparently, so does the calculation point for profits

  4. Osai August 19, 2006 18:23

    Yes…. this is the fault! The startlocation for calculating the income stays at the first buildingoint, if you move the station through the map by deleting parts and rebuilding, this point is not updated to the new position of the station! The stationspread doesn’t matter at all! The point of where the station name is situated is used for calculating the income!
    This means, a very short route over a really long “fake” distance!

  5. Brianetta August 19, 2006 22:52

    There was me thinking that station spread governed how far from the sign you could build…

  6. Jinx August 20, 2006 10:00

    it should. but it doesnt.
    2 ways to solve it. have station spread start at the sign
    or have 1 tile that cant be deleted right under th sign

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